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I feel enormously grateful any time I get to share music with others.  Some of my most treasured experiences as a performer have been with the group Trio Chicago and Friends, a group of (deceptively) five musicians with whom I traveled worldwide on behalf of the U.S. State Department for the past decade.  These tours have taken me to places I didn’t even know existed, introduced me to people and cultures I will hold in my heart forever, and helped me and my institutions form truly unique connections. 

Locally, it is important to me that my performances strengthen ties to my community.  Thus, they include benefit cabarets on campus, recitals at area churches and museums, solo performances with regional orchestras, and chamber works with my colleagues. One of my favorite recent projects was a recital series with the New Music Ensemble “One Quiet Plunge” featuring ten living Hudson Valley composers.  The composers worked with us through the rehearsal process, and introduced their work, their process, and inspirations to audiences during the concerts.  I aspire to thoughtful, inclusive programming in my chamber and solo recitals that introduce students and other audience members to new or underrepresented composers.  Most recently, these have included works by Sarah Gibson, Libby Larsen, Pauline Viardot, Florence Price, and H. Leslie Adams. 

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