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I have been playing classical and jazz alto saxophone for the past 25 years.  While I admittedly peaked about a decade ago when I was playing regularly in saxophone quartets, big bands, and private lessons, I still find many opportunities to revisit an old friend: playing backup in my Motown and Beyoncé cover bands at school, impromptu jam sessions with friends and family, and most notably, on tour with Trio Chicago and Friends.  

Trio Chicago and Friends tours and appearances:

Carleton College, 2019

Saudi Arabia, 2018

Kuwait, 2016

Micronesia, 2016

Peru, 2015

Cambodia, 2015

Singapore, 2014

Marshall Islands, 2014

Turkey, 2014

South Korea, 2013

Marshall Islands, 2013

Micronesia, 2013

Palau, 2013

Thailand, 2012

Indonesia, 2012

Turkey (eastern), 2011

Turkey (western), 2011

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